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10kV Modified Polyethylene(HDPE) Suspension Insulator


Modified polyethylene HDPE SUSPENSION type insulator

JSL Power Suspension Type Insulator is made of High-Density Polyethylene based material. This is designed for tension or suspension type of termination and suitable for bare and covered type of conductor.

We are the pioneer to develop HDPE for suspension insulator. Compare to other product that are using silicon rubber, our material is already proven to be better in terms of quality and efficiency and that’s why many utilities are already changing and using our HDPE suspension insulators.

Advantages of HDPE (Modified Plyethylene) suspension insulator

· Excellent mechanical properties after made 1000 hours weather aging test at an independent laboratory.
· Hard materials, easy to change the shade size, can increase the creepage distance.
· Installation personnel can directly on it, easy up and down on it.
· Light weight for easy handing, the weight just have 35% compared with cermic and glass insulators, comprehensive performance is better than silicone rubber insulators.
· Easy for transport, because the hard material resistance to squeeze.
· Easy for installation, it's can reduce manpower and material resources.
· Interchangeable with any other materials suspebsion insulators.
· Excellent for contaminated environments.
· recycling and reuse.

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