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Modified Polyethylene(HDPE) Anti Sway Arm



Modified polyethylene HDPE ANTI SWAY ARM

Modified Polyethylene(HDPE) Anti Sway Arm in some areas with dense green vegetation, the fall of the trunk or branches and the contact with the cable, resulting in a fire.  Some cross-river lines can also prevent cable entanglement and reduce the pendulum resistance. Its application and popularization will reduce the occurrence of these accidents and improve the safety performance of distribution network lines.  Its unique design enables the polymer cable spacer to be fixed and supported between the wire bar, maintaining a certain safe distance without mutual influenc.


The Modified polyethylene(HDPE) Cable Spacer Has the Following Characteristics:

1. Excellent track-resistant.

2. High chemical resistance, High Resistance to Shock, Impact.

3. Unbreakable and light weight.

4. Easy Installation, Transportation and Storage.

5. Low cost of operation and maintenance.

6. Long service life.

7. Water repelling surface.

8. Reduced Tree Trimmings.

9. Lighting Protection.

10. Less Damaged cause by animals.

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