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25kV Modified Polyethylene(HDPE) Pin Type Insulator

JHG-IP-25F1(ANSI 55-5)


Modified polyethylene HDPE pin type insulator

A pin insulator is a device that isolates a wire from a physical support such as a pin (a wooden or metal dowel of about 3 cm diameter with screw threads) on a telegraph or utility pole. It is a formed, single layer shape that is made out of a non-conducting material. Single or multiple pin insulators can be used on one physical support, however, the number of insulators used depends upon the application's voltage

Modified polyethylene or high density polyethylene pin insulators are the latest technology for distribution insulator. They are lightweight, have greater creep distance, not prone to cracking or breaking, better Hydrophobic property, perform better in low and high temperature and perfect for coastal areas and locations with high pollutants where salt and chemicals can lead to tracking and early failure.

Many Countries are now changing their Porcelain Insulator to HDPE insulator because of all the advantage they can get from using it.

JSLpower is committed in developing new Technology and Product to make our Transmission Line and Distribution Line more Reliable and Efficient.


1)Innovation and change
2)Factory's direct sale price
3)New material

1.Unbreakable and light weight
2.Easiest handing and transportation
3.Water repelling surface
4.Long service life 
5.Non-toxic,non-standing and recyclable

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