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Congratulations on the successful acceptance of key R&D projects of our company

On March 4, 2021, the acceptance meeting on the project of "2017 and 2018 Key Research and Development Plan (Major Generic Key Technology) of South Jiangsu National Self-created Zone" was successfully held.The conference was organized by Nanjing Science and Technology Bureau and presided over by Guo Yuming, Director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau.

The meeting summarized the project to be undertaken by our company from 2018 to 2020 as: the key technology research and industrialization of polymerized gold silicon materials on AC transmission and transformation lines, from research and development to sales process.At the meeting, Director Guo Yuming publicized the government's instructions for the acceptance work of the meeting, and the work of the acceptance meeting was allocated concisely. The members of the acceptance expert group reviewed the assessment indicators of the project level by level.

The leadership of the Municipal Bureau and the acceptance expert group listened to the acceptance report of our company, and reviewed the acceptance data in detail.After discussion, the expert group unanimously believes that the acceptance data provided by our company is complete and meets the requirements of various technical indicators, economic indicators and the use of project funds stipulated in the R & D plan contract, and agrees that the project is accepted.So far, the acceptance meeting of "2017 and 2018 National Key Research and Development Plan of South Jiangsu Self-created Zone (Major Generic Key Technology)" project was a complete success.

The success of the acceptance is of great significance, which not only promotes the development of the enterprise, but also strengthens the social influence of the product.At the same time, after 3 years of continuous research and development and upgrading, the enterprise has improved a level in materials, which is a good display of the enterprise's research and development strength.

Finally, the enterprise thanks the government, thanks for the social support and trust, we will continue to work hard for social development, scientific and technological innovation to create more value!

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