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The Yunnan-Guizhou Interconnection Channel Project, a national key power transmission and transformation project, went into operation

Recently, the world's first three-terminal dc + 500 kv project yunnan-guizhou interconnection channel project successfully completed, a southern power grid and one-time implementation three-terminal bipolar, 19 days earlier than scheduled time, marked the yunnan and guizhou provinces formed power interconnected each other aid, each year about 6 billion kWh can transport clean water and electricity in yunnan to a large bay area of guangdong, yunnan, Hong Kong and Macao to clean water and electricity, the given power to promote construction of large bay area plays an important role.

Project investment of 3.826 billion yuan RMB, the newly built in yunnan luquan back to join gaopo-zhaoqing dc converter station and 1 sending bivouac on the 389 - kilometer - long dc lines, high transformation of guizhou converter station, guangdong zhaoqing converter station, the formation of yunnan luquan on a high guizhou three-terminal dc converter station - guangdong zhaoqing converter station, for the first time in the world will be on both ends of the dc transform for three-terminal dc, transmission methods more flexible, better economical efficiency, for large-scale power supply is sent out, by the end of the multipoint scattered people, optimizing the structure of power grid, improve the level by the end of power grid security and stability of engineering practical significance.The project has overcome the difficulties of high altitude, heavy ice area, developed karst, karst landform and so on, and achieved a number of power grid technological breakthroughs such as multi-terminal DC flexible power transmission and high-altitude DC equipment.The three-terminal DC control and protection system, DC high-speed switch and other key engineering equipment are fully used by domestic equipment, and the self-dependence rate reaches 100%, which is an important milestone for China to master the key technology of multi-terminal DC.

          Jiangsu Jinsanli Power Equipment Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, Is located in the Guli street of Nanjing Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone.We are specializing in the production of UHV Transmission Insulators and Transmission Rubber Components. We maintian and continue to improve our product quality at the same time focus on research and development of new technology to meet the China and Overseas electricity market demand. We work together with the best Electrical Engineers in China and the Nanjing Univeristy Polymer Research Center to develop a new type of material for Transmission Line Insulators. .This is called the MODIFIED POLYETHYLENE(HDPE), unlike the ordinary polyethylene that is in the market now this is made up of new material to make a Hard Composite Type, High Insulation Performance, High UV Protection for longer life, Light Weight, Stronger Mechanical Strenght and Impact Resistance, Provide more superior moisture and contamination shedding because of the High Hydrophobic Property and a longer Leakage Distance and finally the Anti-Tracking Property that makes this product more efficient and make it quickly recognised all over the world.

         We passed ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification, ISO14001: 2015 environmental management system certification and ISO18001: 2007 occupational health and safety management system certification. We are certified by the National Grid Product Technology in 2013, We won the title of Best Private Technology Enterprises in Jiangsu Province.  We officially become a National High-Tech Enterprises in 2016 because of our dedication and continous development on new materials for the electrical industry. And In 2017, We become the Leading Company in Nanjing for the Technology Research. Through the efforts of all staff, our company won the title of China's industry-university-research cooperation innovation demonstration enterprise in 2019.

         [Pragmatic innovation] this is our company motto. We work hard to developed and produced the best product for China's Power Transmission Industry and for Overseas Power Industry.


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