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The company has been approved as China's industry-university-research cooperation innovation demonstration enterprise

The 13th China industry-university-research cooperation and innovation conference was held in Beijing on December 29-30, 2019. More than 1,000 representatives from various sectors including scientists, entrepreneurs and financiers from the frontline of China's industry-university-research and development attended the conference.The conference commended the advanced units and individuals that had made outstanding contributions to the cooperation and innovation of industry, university and research institute.Our company has been appraised as "2019 China industry-university-research cooperative innovation demonstration enterprise" by the expert committee of China industry-university-research cooperative innovation demonstration enterprise, and obtained the honorary certificate.

Is my company has nearly 20 years in power transmission and transformation product research and development and production of state-level high-tech enterprises, with nanjing university and other colleges and universities to establish the strategic partnership "industry-university-institute" cooperation, make full use of the resources of the university in such aspects as personnel, scientific research, provides the related technical personnel employment training base, formed a production, development, the research on three mutually reinforcing advanced mode, and obtained a batch of production, scientific and technological achievements of intellectual property rights.The polymerized silicon insulator is the fourth generation of new environment-friendly insulator for China's power grid, which is appraised as "the first in China and the leading in the world" by China electric power association, and is in a leading position in the insulator industry.

Our company was awarded the certificate of "2019 China industry-university-research cooperation innovation demonstration enterprise" at this conference, which is the high affirmation of our company's scientific and technological achievements over the years, and also marks our company has stepped into a higher platform.The company will be more actively involved in the mode of cooperation between industry, university and research institute, and turn scientific and technological achievements into productivity, so as to make the company's polymerized silicon series insulators the most reliable and high-quality products for users, and make our due contribution to the construction of transmission network in 2020.