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Polycrystalline silicon insulator in EPTC power cooperation technology platform published related articles

EPTC electric power cooperation technology platform mainly provides comprehensive electric power information, products, technologies, research reports, special consultation and other contents and services for professionals in energy and electric power and other related fields.In June 2019, EPTC power cooperation technology platform knowledge service column published an article about our company's polycrystalline silicon insulators, which introduced in detail the technical performance, main functions and advantages of the products.Screenshots of the website are as follows:

Our company insulator polymerization silicon series products for the fourth generation of new type insulator products of green environmental protection, electric power enterprise by China association of experts came to identify products for domestic initiative, the international leading high-performance technology, provide new products for the national grid, solve the hidden trouble and problems existing in the traditional insulator, safe and effective guarantee the safe operation of the transmission line.