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China will basically complete the extensive power Internet of things in 2021

On May 28, the state grid corporation of China said it would build the ubiquitous power Internet of things (iot), which will integrate with the smart grid to make the grid a hub for energy transmission and transformation, and a platform for sharing social economy and people's needs.

State grid has released the outline for the construction of the ubiquitous power Internet of things, which will create five energy Internet ecosystems, including electric vehicles, distributed photovoltaic, comprehensive energy efficiency, energy e-commerce, and big data commercialization, and innovatively carry out the research and development of artificial intelligence-based live work robots for distribution network.Residents can participate in power supply interaction through palm power and WeChat public account.Deeply dig the value of smart meter data, combine with the construction of distribution automation, and greatly reduce the impact of power failure.

The China electric power research institute (cae) said this year will focus on top-level design, innovation, research and development, and demonstration and pilot projects. Next year, it will be rolled out across the board, and the Internet of things will basically be in place by 2021.The need for energy users, electrical appliances and appliances manufacturers, and other extensive participation.

It is reported that the pan-in-power Internet of things will break through the electricity-centered grid format and efficiently connect elements and services such as new energy, various energy storage, electric vehicles, electric energy replacement and energy efficiency interaction.The transformation of the power grid will require more and more energy storage, especially the equivalent of an energy hard disk or memory, which will bring uncontrollable energy to controllable energy.