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Construction of the 1000kV uhv ac transmission line from zhumadian to nanyang began

Recently, the pilot and commencement ceremony of the first section of section 1 of zhumadian to nanyang 1 000kV uhv ac transmission line project was held in kongzhuang village, caigou town, shangcai county.The no. IS006 tower in section 1 of this project is drilled and drilled, which is under the charge of henan power transmission and transformation construction co., LTD.This marks the official start of the construction stage of the 1st section of zhumadian to nanyang 1 000kV uhv ac transmission line project.

Zhumadian to nanyang 1 000 kV uhv ac transmission line engineering characteristic of the high voltage ac ZhuWangJia is an important part of engineering construction to meet the qinghai - henan + 800 kV uhv dc engineering access and send conditions, improve the ability to accept outside power in henan province, ensuring center.the electricity load demand growth, in particular, the province is of great significance to promote regional economic development.