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Academic articles on polyolefin suspension composite insulators are published in the high voltage technology supplement

Our company's 10~110kV polyolein suspension composite insulators were published in the journal high voltage technology sponsored by the national high voltage measuring station and the Chinese society of electrical engineering. This article was published in the supplement of volume 44 of the journal in December 2018 on page 2:16 and page 3-167.The article introduces the design, performance and application of this series insulator in detail.The report was co-written by our company jiangsu jinsanli electric power equipment industrial co., LTD, the school of chemistry and chemical engineering of nanjing university and the power science research institute of jiangsu state grid electric power company.

In today's society, with the demand of HVDC transmission line and uhv transmission and transformation project construction and the large-scale flashover accident of power grid caused by external factors, the disadvantages brought by traditional insulators in long-term operation seriously harm the safe operation of transmission lines.Such as aging, brittle fracture, the wedge type insulator, birds peck, artificial maintenance mechanical strength falls easily trample damage, etc., our company in order to overcome these weaknesses, the chairman YanWeiXun, led the study with great concentration and with nanjing university has established the production strategic partner, after more than ten years issue, hanging developed polyolefin composite insulator.This series of insulator with polyolefin material as the umbrella cover, the material is a kind of excellent mechanical properties of insulating materials, through the umbrella skirt diameter, spacing, and number of reasonable control, including the preparation of the nominal voltage 10 kv ~ 110 kv, rigid suspension type composite insulator according to GB/T 19519-2014 the overhead line insulator is higher than the nominal voltage 1000 v ac system with suspension and definition, test method and accept Zhang Fuge resistant insulator guidelines, to carry out the relevant mark and erosion test, FRP rod materials test design experiments, such as dry lightning impulse withstand voltage test, the radio interference test type testing,The test results all meet the requirements and have passed the product identification of China union.

The test results of the 10kV, 35kV, 66kV and 110kV polyolefin insulators developed by our company in jiangsu, henan, guizhou, heilongjiang, xinjiang and other regions show that the polyolefin insulators are light in weight and greatly reduce the transportation cost and installation work.During operation, the performance is stable and no abnormal phenomena such as breakdown, burn-down and fragmentation occur.It has strong anti-fouling performance and good self-cleaning performance. Its hard umbrella cover material highlights the advantages of anti-bird pecking, anti-sand and trampling.As a new material products, identified by the China federation of electric power enterprise experts came as domestic initiative, the international leading technology products of high performance, for transmission lines in the operation of facing the bird pecked, trample damage defects such as the solution of the added edge tool, to solve the problem will provide a strong guarantee for safe operation of power grid, provides a new national power grid transmission line running products.

The following is a screenshot of the report:

The above academic articles have summarized the polyolefin suspension composite insulator developed by our company from the aspects of material mechanism, research and development process, and network suspension operation, which will play a very important role in guiding the next step of power grid operation.