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China's first large - scale vertical pulse generator has been successfully developed

On January 17, Harbin electric machinery factory co., LTD., a 300,000-kva vertical pulse generator set developed, designed, manufactured, installed, debug-tested and tested by Harbin electric machinery factory co., LTD., passed the system acceptance at the southwest institute of physics of nuclear industry of chengdu CNNC.This marks that the "Chinese circulator no. 2M (hl-2m)" device officially has the exclusive high-performance "energy driver".

The unit is China's first 300, 000 kVA vertical pulse generator set, but also the largest pulse generator set.During the acceptance inspection, the nine-member expert group led by two academicians of the Chinese academy of engineering, tang renyuan and deng jianjun, agreed that the overall performance parameters of the unit reached the international advanced level.In the development process of this unit, Harbin electric motor has successively overcome the technical problems such as six-phase large-current generator, large-inertia high-speed rotor, wideband change control and protection system, and formed a number of innovative achievements with independent intellectual property rights.The total unit weighs about 800 tons, the total is about 15.5 meters high, generating a short run high voltage, high current or high power pulse, instantaneous power up to 300000 kVA, able to meet the "China's circulation is 2 M (HL - 2 M)" this fusion research advanced device of high power and high energy storage power supply demand, so as to provide security for related research.