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The country's first civil-military integrated national energy demonstration project was connected to the power grid

The ronghe power station in xinjiang, which was built by China power construction group new energy company, was put into operation on dec 26, 2018. [photo/VCG]The project is jointly established the central military commission and the national energy administration civil-military integration is one of the key demonstration project in 2018, is the largest in the current domestic civil-military integration, technology the most complex integration of "wind, light, wood," off-grid type projects, for our country to use renewable energy in situ resolve border guards domestic load problem provides successful cases.Relying on years of technical innovation in photovoltaic inverter, energy storage, power quality, reactive power compensation and other businesses, neng electric has successfully provided xinjiang ronghe power station with 20MW photovoltaic inverter system and total station reactive power compensation system solutions.

The project involves photovoltaic power generation system, wind power generation system, energy storage system, diesel engine power generation system, distribution network automation system, heating centralized control system. The coordination and management of various energy sources provides a great reference for the construction of new energy, but also brings a series of technical problems.For the application of micro grid, the requirements of broadband operation, stronger high-low voltage crossing ability and fast response scheduling are put forward for the photovoltaic inverter.It is the first technological innovation to replace the traditional reactive power compensation device with photovoltaic inverter and dispatch reactive power by CAN communication.At high altitude, more stringent requirements are put forward for equipment reliability and environmental adaptability.

Design and launch high efficiency, high reliability, high integration of centralized inverter booster integration solutions and high economy, high stability of the total station reactive power compensation solutions.The inverter booster solution adopts 2MW large-capacity square array, and the equipment adopts the inverter booster integrated design, with high economy and strong usability.At the same time, the amount of on-site construction is small, effectively reducing the construction period and cost;The container's sandproof and wide temperature adaptability design, high redundancy configuration of inverter equipment, whole-system data detection and monitoring, active circuit breaker protection and other designs ensure the efficient and stable operation of the equipment in a harsh environment.