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Qinghai - henan + 800kV uhv dc project officially started

Recently, the qinghai-henan + 800kV uhv dc project was launched at the same time in qinghai hainan Tibetan autonomous prefecture and zhumadian, henan province.The ultra-high voltage transmission channel, designed for clean energy delivery, is scheduled to be completed and put into operation by 2020 and will deliver clean energy from the qinghai-tibet plateau to the central plains.

This project starts from hainan, qinghai province and ends in zhumadian city, henan province. It passes through qinghai, gansu, shaanxi, henan and other four provinces. The total length of the project is 1,587 kilometers.The project was approved by the national development and reform commission in October 2018.According to the report, the biggest feature of this project is that it relies entirely on the complementary capacity of clean energy to supply power independently. It is the first ultra-high voltage channel specially built for the transmission of clean energy in China and even the world. It is also a major innovation in China's development and application of ultra-high voltage transmission technology to promote large-scale development and utilization of new energy.The annual transmission capacity of 40 billion kWh in engineering design will not only solve the problem of new energy consumption difficulty in qinghai province, but also effectively alleviate the medium - and long-term power supply and demand contradiction in China.At the same time, it is of great significance to improve the quality of atmospheric environment.