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Our company successfully participated in the Philippine electric energy exhibition

On November 14th, 2018, solstice 17th, our company participated in the 43rd Philippine electric energy exhibition held in Manila, capital of the Philippines.SMX exhibition hall has gathered many outstanding electrical manufacturing enterprises and business representatives from all over the world.The unprecedented expansion of the exhibition shows not only the importance the Philippines attaches to electric power, but also the trend of the booming global power industry.Our company carefully prepared to participate in the exhibition, in the exhibition our company showed the international leading hard composite (polycrystalline silicon) insulator series products, consolidate the existing cooperation relations, explore a large number of potential customers, for the development of the market laid a solid foundation.

This exhibition is not only a feast for the power industry, but also a journey of harvest.In this exhibition, our company has not only won the recognition and praise of new and old customers on site, but also further expanded the popularity of our company, making us take another big step towards the international market, and its harvest far exceeds expectations.Because of that, we face many it is necessary to improvement and innovation of new subject, the road in front of a long way to go, have to do the job very much, in the way forward, we must be solidarity, pragmatic innovation, continue to promote the company brand, want to use rational thinking to face the market, let more customers understand, use and purchase of our innovative products.In the power industry today, continuous innovation to grasp the demand is to grasp tomorrow.With a more mature and professional attitude, we will provide professional, reliable and efficient information solutions for the power industry, and contribute to the prosperity and development of the power industry!