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Jiangsu electric power design institute and our company product technology exchange

On the morning of October 6, 2018, zhao xinyu, director of jiangsu electric power design institute, etc., came to our company for technical exchange and discussion on the upcoming grid power transmission product design competition and a new line to be designed.


This exchange focuses on the design and use of uhv transmission and distribution spacer products. Both parties have put forward their own views, which are intended to provide better optimization of grid spacer design in the future.

Since the establishment of the factory, our company has been committed to the continuous development and production of high-voltage, extra-high and extra-high internal damping polymer liner for spacer bars. As the saying goes, "small screw, but big role", although this small damping liner, it has played an important role in the internal protection of electrical metal wire.The design and use of a suitable damping product is of great importance according to different geographical environment and climate conditions, which directly affects the safe operation of overhead conductor.


Electric power design institute of jiangsu province has been adhering to the business slowly but surely, the spirit of seeking truth from facts, in order to design a more high-quality products dedicated to the study of very detailed, we believe that after the design and test of professional power products in China will be more safe and reliable, and I wish the competition we can design institute of jiangsu province.