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New standards for insulator arresters released

Recently, the state administration of market supervision and the official website of the state standardization administration have approved the release of 160 national standards and 3 foreign versions of national standards, including the "group standardization part 2: guidelines for good conduct evaluation".

Among them, the insulator arresters are:

1.GB/T 24839-2018,1000kV ac system USES stanchion insulator technical specification instead of standard number GB/Z 24839-2009, implementation date: 2019/2/1.

2.GB/T 24840-2018,1000kV ac system with sleeve technical specification, instead of standard no.GB/ z24841-2009, implementation date: 2019/2/1.

3.GB/ t24842-2018,1000kV uhv over-voltage and insulation cooperation, instead of standard no.GB/ Z 24842-2009, implementation date: 2019/2/1.

4. Technical specification of no-gap metal oxide arrester for GB/ t24845-2018 1000kV ac system, instead of standard no.GB/ Z 24845-2009, implementation date: 2019/2/1.