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Our company has successfully participated in the international power transmission and distribution technology exhibition

Spring is coming back to earth, and everything comes back to life. On April 17, 2018, solstice 19, the 2nd annual international exhibition of power transmission and distribution technology (IEEE) was held in Denver, Colorado, USA.It brings together well-known brands in the power transmission, distribution and power generation industries.After careful preparation, our company also organized a group to participate in this exhibition. In the exhibition, our company displayed the internationally advanced rigid composite (polymeric silicon) insulator series products, which became the highlight of this exhibition and attracted many foreign businessmen to stay in our booth to watch, communicate and consult.The scene atmosphere is very lively, there are quite a few are looking for, put forward a lot of professional questions and ideas, after we detailed communication and exchange, on the basis of the test report with what we do, to dispel the worry of customers, the scene through the explanation of actual case, solved the doubts in their hearts, merchants who with a smile, gratified to leave our booth.

This exhibition is a feast for the power industry and a journey of harvest.In this exhibition, our company not only won the recognition and praise of new and old customers on the spot, but also further expanded the company's popularity, making us take a big step towards the international market, and its harvest was far beyond our expectations.Just because of this, we have a long way to go, and we have to do a lot of work. In the way forward, we must work hard, be pragmatic and innovative, continue to improve the brand image of our products, face the market with rational thinking, and let more and more customers understand, use and purchase our innovative products.Let our products in the international and domestic power arena full bloom and fruitful results.