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The world's highest altitude uhv dc transmission project commissioning

The world's highest altitude and the highest anti-seismic level of uhvdc transmission project - northwest yunnan to guangdong - was put into operation on May 18.

It is reported that after the project is put into operation, 20 billion degrees of clean water and electricity can be delivered every year, accounting for about a quarter of shenzhen's annual electricity consumption, which will provide a continuous supply of clean energy for the construction of guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao bay area.Northwest yunnan uhv dc engineering of west yunnan Dali prefecture JianChuan county, across four provinces, yunnan, guizhou, guangxi, guangdong line about 1953 km, was the first in China to send the placement uhv dc project in shenzhen, China southern power grid is also sent to article 3 of the uhv dc channel.

Engineering fully put into operation, the new China send capacity is 5 million kW, each year can be given tax point of yunnan 20 billion kWh, can reduce 6 million tons of standard coal consumption in the pearl river delta, reduce carbon dioxide emissions of 16 million tons, equivalent to 16 million hectares of planting trees.